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Bring in Spring

ahhhhhhh Spring... it's time to get rid of those winter cobwebs and start making way for lots of summer festivities!

We're not sure about you, but this is what we've got planned this spring.


I • Spruce with Juice

As many of you probably already know, juicing has become one of the world's favorite 'well-being; sensations, which loads of health benefits associated with including freshly squeezed juices in your daily diet. Whether it's a full blown detox, or simply a juice-a-day, Spring is the perfect time to start your health kick.

Find yummy juice recipes here or here.


II • Bring the Outdoors In

Celebrate Spring by bringing some nature into your home. Take a walk in the fresh air, pick some flowers, buy a plant. Hot tip for those interested in Interiors...indoor plants are 'in' again!


III • De-Clutter


We love this quote - out with the old! We plan to use this to motivate our Spring Clean this month.


You can really add a touch of class and style to your space by simply...simplifying. And it's surprisingly rewarding throwing out your old 'stuff', especially if you are handing it over to a worthy charity.


IV • Re-Decorate

Spring is the perfect time to take a good hard look at each of your rooms and decide what needs changing. They say change is as good as a holiday, so redecorating has got be good for you.

Here are a couple of ideas:

Move art to different walls, or even buy some new art as a treat • Try a new furniture layout to change the feel of a room  • Create a little chill-out area • Re-arrange rooms so they're better able to bask in the Spring sun • Introduce a new colour into your living areas - like pops of sunny yellow!


V • Get Gardening

If you want to ensure you have plenty of fresh veges for those summer salads, now is the time to start planning and get in the garden.

First, weed. You want a nice blank canvas to start with. Then turn the soil add in compost to form a nutritious base for your new plants . Also add fertilizer and fork it through the soil. Now your new plants have a healthy, nutrient-rich bed of soil to start growing in.

This year we are trying to commit to putting a couple of plants in each weekend, rather than making a mad rush at the end of Spring.