Bean Bag Filling

Lujo bean bags can be purchased with filling (arrives separately to covers) or unfilled (covers only).

You have the option to add bean bag filling to your order, or source yourself at your preferred retailer (see suggested retailers below)

If you opt to add filling to your order, we will source on behalf at the required volumes and aim to have beans arrive around the same time as your bean bag covers.

NOTE: Depending on your location and availability of filling at the time, we will source from a number of suppliers such as Kmart, Big W, Spotlight. We offer this as an additional service for our customers to simplify the process for them, simply charging our cost price plus an average delivery fee Australia-wide.


Polystryene bean bag filling is available at numerous outlets including, but not limited to, the retailers below.

Note: Filling can be purchased online for home delivery, see links below.







Filling volumes can vary by personal preference. Some like them firmer and more structured, some prefer them softer so they can sink right in.

Note: Beans will compress slightly over time, making the bean bags softer and more comfortable with use. We recommend topping them up as required to get the bean bag to a level of comfort you are happy with. This will also help maintain the shape and structure of the product.



Bean Bag Chair - Tulum Collection


Bean Bag Lounger - Tulum Collection


Bean Bag Pouf - Tulum Collection


Bean Bag Ottoman - Tulum Collection


'XL' Bean Bag - Kyoto Collection


'Medio' Bean Bag - Kyoto Collection 400-425
'Mini' Bean Bag - Kyoto Collection

Bean Bag Footstool - Kyoto Collection


Bean Bag Ottoman- Kyoto Collection



All Lujo bean bags come with detailed filling instructions. 

It is a simple process, requiring two people. Basically, one person holds the bean bag open, the other person slowly pours in the beans. 

After the work is done you can sit back, sink in…and relax


WARNING: Polystyrene Beans are dangerous if swallowed or inhaled by children.

For the safety of young children, we use YKK® safety zips. If you have young children we recommend breaking or cutting off the tab of the liner zip (outdoor bean bags) or outer shell zip (indoor bean bags) once filed, so children cannot access the polystyrene beans.

Should you need to open the liner in future, simply slide a paper clip through the hole in the zip slider and use it to open and close zipper.

If you have questions about product safety please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Due to the size/volume of filled bean bags, it is far more cost effective to airfreight unfilled bean bag covers internationally, with most customer’s choosing to fill their bean bags with locally purchased polystyrene filling to save substantially on shipping costs.

We do, on occasion, have customers that prefer to pay for sea-freight of filled bean bags. This comes at an additional cost and lead time that is usually only viable for larger orders of 10+ items

If you would like us to quote on this option, please contact us with your order requirements and we will provide an indicative quote