About us.

Seizing moments.

Let’s face it. Life can be chaotic, and moments of relaxation can be a scarcity.

In 2007 we took it upon ourselves to design a range of “relaxation- inspired” furniture that would inspire seizing small moments of tranquility - to put life on pause, even if momentarily.


From inspiration to relaxation

Over the years we’ve come to realize that exceptional products aren’t just created in a moment of inspiration - they’re meticulously crafted over time with patience, attention-to-detail and perseverance; bringing together the right mix of designers, craftspeople and quality materials to ensure that a refined design aesthetic is equally matched with durability and comfort.

Our small team of designers, craftspeople and artisans are extremely passionate and proud of what they do. We believe this passion and attention-to-detail shines through in each Lujo product we produce.

A point of difference

We’d seen our fair share of mass-produced furniture winging its way from far-away lands, only to find its way to the local landfill the following season.

And we’d seen a lot of European furniture where a tuxedo or cocktail dress were pre-requisites to lounge.

We wanted to offer something different.

Something sophisticated…but not pretentious

Something luxurious…but lived in

Something relaxing…but not frumpy


Enter, refined relaxation

For most of us spare time is a limited resource, so if you’re going to relax we believe you should do it well.

Over the years we have put a lot of time and perseverance into creating a range of furniture that perfectly balances form with function, comfort with durability, intricate details with the bigger picture.

The result is a refined collection of casual furniture for everyday living, designed to take relaxation to the next level.

We’re really proud that our niche range of relaxation-inspired furniture has resonated so well with our customers, with Lujo furniture now found in beautiful homes, luxury resorts and corporate office spaces all over the world.


Standing the test-of-time

A key philosophy for us has been treating outdoor spaces as an extension of the home, and hence designing comfortable, yet enduring, pieces of furniture that allure you to relax and socialize in the great outdoors.

With all our outdoor products being designed to handle the harshest of environments – salt, sun, rain, snow and mildew – we understand that the quality of the components we use is just as important as the design aesthetic.

Marine and commercial-grade fabrics, 316 stainless steel components, enduring hardwoods, powder-coated aluminum, reticulated outdoor foams - right down to the smallest details like our UV resistant stitching – keep our products outlasting others whilst continuing to look great year-on-year.

When it comes to our range of indoor bean bags, we specify commercial grade fabrics that cater to high-use environments, as well as the standard rough-and-tumble found in residential environments.


Buy once, buy right

As a brand, we decided very early on that we wanted to put our best foot forward in the market - producing products that not only we were proud of, but that our customers were also proud to own.

We are in a small minority that boycotted the movement to offshore mass-production and continue to design and produce locally in New Zealand, where we are able to keep a close eye on quality and workmanship in our own factory.

Our commitment to using best-in-market materials and components that are tried-and-tested in harsh outdoor and commercial environments gives us confidence that every Lujo product will impress and endure for many years.

These decisions incur a price premium but result in products that give our customers years of enjoyment, outlasting cheaper alternatives many times over.

But don’t take our word for it. We believe our warranties and guarantees speak for themselves