Interior Inspiration - Eye Candy

Feast your interior-design loving eyes on these babe'n bedrooms and lush living spaces...


The design of this contemporary Australian space is so clean and fresh, it's like the interior equivalent of a cool beach swim on a summer's day. That leather chair is gorgeous, but one of our designer beanbag chairs (in sandy taupe) would also tie in beautifully here.


We love this simple, light-filled bedroom with it's tall ceiling and huge industrial window, decorated with just the slightest hint of boho. Plants are the new black in interior design, and cacti are a great choice - they're easy-care, and make a bold, sculptural style statement. Our light pink giant floor cushion would be gorgeous in this space, a spot to lay and read a book while catching the sunlight through the window.


This space is right on-trend with its marble and leather accents, geometric art and pops of black, but by keeping the base colour palette neutral, the key investment pieces (rugs, furniture etc) won't date, and the look is sophisticated rather than too 'trendy'. One of our low beanbag ottomans (in taupe) would look stunning here. 


Painting over wooden floorboards may seem like a cardinal sin to some, but you can't deny how stunning that black is. Rather than closing in the room as you'd be forgiven for expecting, it actually sets off the white and even brings out the natural beauty of the deep-brown timber bed. There's also something to be said for minimal decorating in a bedroom - it makes for a truly restful place to lay your head. An alternative to the sheepskin at the foot of the bed would be one of our 'pinot noir' giant floor cushions.


Blue and grey make a stylish marriage. We love how this space layers different shades of grey and different grey textures (the concrete planter, the wooly sheepskin throw), with the blue cushions in non-matching patterns. One of our graphite grey beanbag ottomans would be just perfect for this space, as a soft, lower alternative to that coffee table.


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