Interior Inspiration: Young n' Fun

This week, inspired by a customer's order of a giant cloud cushion for her son's room, we've rounded up some stylish, inspiring kids' spaces - including some fun design ideas you can try at your place!

giant cloud cushion 

Turn favourite items into art to be displayed - position bedtime books with their colourful covers facing outward, hang up a special piece of clothing (or an accessory, such as a hat or bag) on a wall, keep favourite toys on windowsills or shelves. We always love a bit of circus-style bunting too, and it's so easy to make.

Half the paint, twice the impact! A half-painted wall looks so great.
We'd love to see one of our grey bean bag chairs in this cool space.

kids designer bedroom with beanbag chairs 

How adorable is this room for a little explorer! Bean bag chairs are the perfect flexible seating, and what kidlet wouldn't love their very own hut or tent! Giant map decals are such a fun option for walls - but here, in a twist on that trend, they've pinned up overlapping maps - easy to find online and print out in large sizes at your local printer. 

Chalkboard walls are such a fun, affordable decorating idea - you get a feature wall and a giant kid's art canvas all in one! Black always looks great, but chalkboard paint now comes in a whole raft of different vibrant colours. You can even use write on it yourself - create encouraging messages, or even house rules or chore reminders. Here's a tip: put your writing or pictures up at adult height, so they can't be scribbled over or rubbed off.

Wow - we love this minimalist space. The braces hanging over the end of the vintage iron bed are a nice touch. Here's an idea: what everyday items do you have that could be grouped and used as interior design objects? Soft grey (wall paint, rug, textured ottoman and paper pom-pom) ties the room together in a very restrained, chic way.

This house frame is an awesome idea! And relatively easy for the 'weekend handyman' to knock up. 

You'll never regret buying a bed with built-in storage, especially in a small room! This twin bed set-up is also a very clever space-saving idea when you have two kids sharing one room.



beanbag chair and beanbag ottomans

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