New Year, New Look!

Don't you just love the New Year? Such an inspiring time, full of hope, ideas and goals for the coming 12 months. And the perfect time to give rooms a makeover - a fresh look for the year ahead! Here are 5 easy ways to makeover a room...



Make an eye-catching feature wall not with paint or wallpaper, but a mini 'gallery' of art and/or photos! Gallery walls look best above the sofa in the living room, on a wall behind the dining table, or right above the bedhead in a bedroom. The trick is choosing one element or theme to tie all the pictures together - such as displaying all black and white photographs, or choosing a cohesive palette of colours (like in this picture above), or using matching picture frames. 



Moving pieces around is the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to makeover a room. To start, make a list of the main furniture (and favourite accessories) you have in your lounge, dining room, bedroom etc. Re-plan and re-position each room using your 'inventory' of items. That bedside lamp you love? It might look great next to the sofa for a while. That dining chair at the head of the table? Perhaps it would make a unique bedside table! That throw on your couch? Fold it over the end of your bed!

Sketch out your newly planned spaces on a piece of paper before you start the heavy lifting, or just put all your lighter homewares in one spot and start playing!



indoor furniture with cushions

Totally on-trend and generally very affordable, cushions are like little pieces of artwork for your sofa or favourite armchair. And cushions are not just for the lounge, either - choose a few to display on your bed for instant colour and style! 


giant indoor cushion

One of our new flexible-use giant cloud cushions

Introducing just one gorgeous new piece of furniture can do wonders for a room. But to make your dollars stretch, choose flexible furniture - something that has more than one use, or that can work in more than one space. An ottoman can be used both as a footstool and as a low table.Stools aren't just for sitting, they also make great side tables for bedside, sofa-side or next to the bath. Being oh-so comfortable, a bean bag chair will get loads of use, and can be easily dragged from TV to playroom to reading corner and back again. 



designer chairs and light

One new piece that can really lift a room is a statement light. Big is best for effect, and choose either a bright accent colour to really make the room pop, or a colour that matches a piece of furniture for a slightly more understated, elegant look. 



beanbag chairs and ottoman


 Our indoor beanbag chairs, low ottomans and giant cushions are flexible, stylish options for any room makeover. 


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